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  • Superchnagi.ru SCAM. Conversation to help you decide when dealing with them


    Hola, ¿cómo puedo ayudarle?



    is there an issue with the exchange

    I'm listening to you

    i made a traansaction and it is not showing but shows made
    the receiver have not got is yet and its mire than 1 hour
    i am having bad experience using this platform for the 1st time

    To the make Up Need You another Exchange for the Same | receive the amount and a payment double 
    do not Worry for the last two weeks to two SO much and often the where clause. Yes, the problem is now in the stock exchange.

    but i dont have more money to send again.
    in this case i am loosing my miony right?

    In any case, you will receive funds . In connection with the problems on the exchange , the application has hung up and a repeated payment is necessary. You can do this at any time, tomorrow, in a week ... and you will immediately receive a double payment

    that is the only money i have
    i wanted to use it to pay my school bill

    are you a schoolboy?

    i do small trading to help pay my school bills
    so bought things from that company (Perfect Money On account: U18659923 owner) and paying for it with my money on wex

    Perfect Money is registered with you?

    the company
    i buy my items from them since they always make students offers when school reopns
    now i am stuck because they will not deliver the items and i dont have my crypto currency to trade nor my dollars to buy again

    to complete the exchange we need access to your Perfect Money account, give it to us now and we will complete the exchange

    i dont have perfect money account
    the account belong to the company i buy from

    give us access, we will complete the exchange, you do not care about it

    what access

    login and password from the account

    what account


    but its not mine
    i told you.
    it is the account of the company

    If you do not give us access to the knockout, we will not be able to help you

    how can i give you access to an account that is not mine

    I'm waiting for the login and password from the RM account and we will complete the exchange, I assure you that it's not worried, it's a standard procedure

    what is RM

    you do not transfer money
    Perfect Money

    The the this the You Told i up closeup closeup up closeup up my 1st transaction is 
    found!! Found here

    you have 10 minutes, then I go to dinner

    Application ID 2586
    this is the code ahave
    yesterday you told me there no need to register account here to do exchange

    If I do not get access right now, you will not receive funds
    you have 8 minutes

    i dont know how i can get access to that company account
    they gave me that account to make the payment in so they can deliver my thgings so how do you think i can access it
    i dont understand how you want me to get access to it

    but where did you get that company did not get this money?

    i am in their shop to get my goods
    and they said its not shown any transaction

    payment received, please contact

    i alwys buy from them when school reopen
    but never have issue with them when i send them my crypto i trade to gain

    it seem you are scam
    i will report this online
    see my report on tweeter and other medias
    i have the conversation copied to add to my report

    Operation ID: ID 2586

    От Cantil ( 37.14.149.* ) 2018-09-05 11:15 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • superchangi.ru PERFECT SCAM

    I sent WEX 122 USD to Perfect Money and never the money is paid in. And the worst is when I asked them why, they said I should send the same amount again and I will receive double transaction. I have the conversation to add here but I will give them 2 hours to sort it out. I will post it here and everywhere if they refuse to credit the account. Transaction ID 2586 and the like of proof is here:

    Operation ID: ID 2586

    От Cantil ( 37.14.149.* ) 2018-09-04 05:05 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • superchangi.ru BIG SCAMMER

    superchangi.ru is a big scammer. they scammed me 292.13234409 USD. They are asking me to exchange one more time with the same amount and i will received the money two times.

    Please do not exchange any amount from them. they are bloody scammer.

    I also received mail from them.

    Статус заявки: выполнена в полном объеме
    Ссылка на заявку: https://superchangi.ru/exchangestep/hst_GfcYrNvf63O5L7lYvEZ8rO0zTpsUB7wtOhc/
    Информация о заявке
    ID 2577 от 2018-09-03 17:46:53
    Курс обмена: 1 WEX USD -> 0.955 PayPal USD
    Сумма обмена: 292.13234409 WEX USD со счета

    Operation ID: 2577

    От Kuldeep ( 139.167.225.* ) 2018-09-03 04:33 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Superchangi.ru works

    SuperChangi.ru is a legit site and it works thank you

    От Fratkorz ( 212.73.174.* ) 2018-08-23 05:25 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий

    Superchangi.ru is a scammer.
    Dont exchange with them.
    They scammed me for 100usd.
    I contacted them and they ask to make second exchange and i will receive double.
    I thing they want double from me.



    Operation ID: 2253

    От nothing2lose ( 14.162.116.* ) 2018-07-28 05:58 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий

    These guys are selective scammers. Do not trust them. After sending the funds and bitcoin transaction has been confirmed never got a reply back from them. The only reason I trusted them was because I have used them in the past for smaller transactions. BEWARE OF SUPERCHANGI.RU OR CHANGESUPER.RU SCAM!

    Operation ID: 2190

    От superchangi0scam ( 91.148.223.* ) 2018-07-11 09:51 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • FRAUD!!! These people are thiefs!

    I was changing 470 WEX USD to Sberbank RUB 25.05.2018, never got my money back. Support told me there is a problem with bank, and offered to send another 470 USD (sic!) to fix the situation! Also, they send me transaction ID for this operation (Yandex Money to Sberbank) but both banks submitted it was a fraud!

    Operation ID: 1931

    От Orinocofl0w ( 185.79.100.* ) 2018-06-27 07:37 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий

    As I see in this thread I'm not the first one to be raped by these thieves.
    I ordered WEX -> EXMO USD conversion. Sending 1033 I should get 1012 USD.

    The have sent me 1USD Instead, stealing rest of 1012 USD transaction.

    What was their explanation? "We had a bug in code - now it's fixed"
    I asked to send me Code with outstanding 1011 USD and here the best "joke":
    "Please make the same transaction and we will send you doubled money" - clearly - they wanted to steal another 1000 USD.

    Here is screen wit my conversation with they "support" chat: https://ibb.co/kTQCLy

    Be aware, if anyone know they address for police investigation please share it here.
    Also, be careful - transactions ~10USD are fine, they steal bigger money like > 1000 USD.

    Operation ID: 2006

    От Marek ( 213.143.49.* ) 2018-06-03 04:46 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • you are lying This is Man Thief

    you More people are here to steal money
    you are lying
    I sent you your original calculations
    You're editing with a photo shop
    I gave you $ 1000 Perfectmoney
    you gave 1.001 Cent EXMO CODE

    Operation ID: 1893

    От Nolimites ( 24.133.102.* ) 2018-06-02 05:00 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • bad exchanger

    Support is not responsive
    Application ID 1959
    This operation is performed by the operator in a manual mode and takes 5 to 30 minutes when the status of the operator «Online»
    In Your e-mail, will be sent to EX-CODE

    Proof of payment is accepted.
    Your request is being processed by the operator.

    Give: 4677 WEX speed monitor USD, WEX speed monitor CODE: WEXUSDFX**************************XOSA2YYYBIEIR

    You get: 4583.46 Exmo USD

    Your time: 27/05/2018, 13:08
    Application Status: Received confirmation of payment from the client

    От apple_jahrom ( 151.233.93.* ) 2018-05-27 10:54 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • This is Man Thief


    My evidence is up.
    Do not let the sale do not let it.

    Did not give me $ 1000 exmo

    Operation ID: 1893

    От Nolimites ( 24.133.102.* ) 2018-05-25 09:17 3 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • 1000$ EXMO He's not paying

    ID заявки 1893
    Подтверждение оплаты принято.
    Ваша заявка обрабатывается оператором.

    Отдаете: 1000 Perfect Money USD

    Получаете: 1001 EXMO USD

    Время оформления: 23.05.2018, 20:43
    Статус заявки: Заявка оплачена

    The conversation is talking to me before paying.
    I paid $ 1000 with PerfectMoney does not answer.

    Operation ID: 1893

    От Nolimites ( 24.133.102.* ) 2018-05-23 06:56 2 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Обмен

    Заявка 1866 исполнена

    От denchik1588 ( 195.69.238.* ) 2018-05-19 08:23 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Поддержка не отвечает!

    ID заявки 1866
    Данная операция производится оператором в ручном режиме и занимает от 5 до 30 минут при статусе оператора «Online»
    Перевод денег будет проходить до первого подтверждения сети Zcash

    Подтверждение оплаты принято.
    Ваша заявка обрабатывается оператором.

    Отдаете: 3100.8 Тинькофф RUB

    Получаете: 0.17349665 Zcash ZEC , Zcash адрес: t1UrdrvhRD5r86rRiAehqK54UYXE7UjY8t4

    Время оформления: 18.05.2018, 16:00
    Статус заявки: Заявка оплачена
    Жду второй день

    От denchik1588 ( 195.69.238.* ) 2018-05-19 07:25 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • при обміні не дали ексмо коду

    обмінював wex usd 1795$ на exmo usd
    exmo коду не отримав
    підтримка на звернення відповідає одним : ми вислали код на пошту
    а листа з кодом тупо немає

    Operation ID: 1612

    От arap ( 5.58.71.* ) 2018-04-24 03:12 2 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Фальшивый обменик

    Добавлен в черный список на многих мониторингах

    От djos ( 2.93.144.* ) 2018-04-23 07:15 3 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Все норм! Я доволен!

    Как всегда всё на высоте! Быстрый и надёжный перевод!

    От Linkolin ( 142.4.211.* ) 2018-04-23 06:58 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Нет проблем.

    Пользовался два раза, проблем не обнаружил. Перевод осуществился при первом же подтверждении сетью.

    От Ministr29 ( 185.220.101.* ) 2018-04-15 09:37 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Although I'm not recommending anyone but I got my funds finally

    Finally, I've got my funds from this site after fighting for more than 20 hours .....

    Although I'm not SCAMMED after all, but I really don't like his services and not recommending anyone specially those who can't wait for long.. I've sent him 0.13 (worth $992) BTC and waiting for PM for hours and hours... first they were not replying on skype nor on live chat .. but as soon as I leave complaint here they suddenly come only and saying remove feedback we are legit and would pay you shortly ...

    This has happened with me 2 times in one deal .. I was not getting reply and after complaint on okchanger.com I start getting replies .. and this has been happening since last 20 hours ... but after all struggle and fight with him for more than 20 hours ... I got my PM funds ... ..

    I hope he'll learn with this experience and respect his clients ...

    От muqaddashahzad ( 58.27.194.* ) 2018-04-13 08:07 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Всё супер!

    Обмен на раз-два проходит! Рекомендую ;)

    От Lesha ( 185.182.81.* ) 2018-04-08 01:32 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Прецендент

    Здравствуйте! Вот данные по обмену: Заявка ID 990 от 2018-04-01 22:30:03 Курс обмена: 1.01 WEX USD -> 57.2649 Тинькофф RUB Сумма обмена: 7937 WEX USD-> 450011.39732673 Тинькофф RUB Деньги так и не поступили, оператор игнорирует! Прошу оказать содействие!

    Operation ID: 990

    От NataGor ( 139.162.144.* ) 2018-04-02 04:42 2 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Вы супер. Рекомендую всем.

    Класный обменник, пользуюсь им довольно давно, снова переводил LTC в QIWI, снова все на высшем уровне, спасибо!

    От Qwerty ( 204.11.50.* ) 2018-03-22 10:58 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Перевод с Qiwi на Приват24

    Обменивал 4000 рублей с Qiwi на Приват.Оперативно работает обменник! Средства поступили на карту через 5 мин

    От deniz13 ( 93.170.148.* ) 2018-03-20 06:02 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Сайт меняет.

    Поменял 20 баксов, направление: Neteller на OkPay.

    От beetki ( 94.139.137.* ) 2018-03-13 07:50 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Very good!

    As always, instantly and professionally. Thanks, it's nice to work.

    От Pol ( 185.220.101.* ) 2018-03-12 07:43 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Not Received SKRILL USD

    I had given a 1000$ PM E-Voucher in online chat for 995$ SKRILL
    After gave E-Voucher he didn't gave any respond on email Or live chat,
    Wating For Reply

    Operation ID: Order 560

    От Rafee ( 45.249.102.* ) 2018-02-27 03:34 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Супер обменник!!!

    Спасибо лучшему обменнику. Обмен выполнен менее, чем за минуту

    От Vsevolod ( 199.249.223.* ) 2018-02-23 09:42 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Good:)

    Well come again ! ++++

    От Manistar929 ( 79.180.9.* ) 2018-02-12 02:41 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Спасибо! Все очень быстро!!!

    Все понравилось, перевод осуществили за 5 мин! Сайт исполнен на высшем уровне, все автоматически. Смотреть и обменивать тут- одно удовольствие.

    От Vsevolod ( 87.118.122.* ) 2018-01-31 12:42 0 Комментарии Добавить комментарий
  • Все супер!!!

    Крутой обменник. Теперь буду пользоваться только его услугами. Менял раньше и на других, но подводили(((Тут проходит все четко! Спасибо большое!

    От Anasteycha ( 77.111.244.* ) 2018-01-15 09:59 1 Комментарии Добавить комментарий


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